Monday 3 January 2011

Republican Roman Cavalry

These are the figures I finished in December.  I have 24 of them, painted RED!! because they are meant to go with my red Roman legions.  The next batch will have white tunics and shields to accompany the Latins.
First up: a shot of the whole unit
Figures are by 1st Corps
Close-up of the command figures at the unit centre
I used LBMS transfers for Aventine Velites; they don't make any for 1st Corps cavalry
A side view
I have another command base so that I can have two units of 12 if I ever need them.  These guys performed well on their first outing at Magnesia as part of Eumenes' command.  They destroyed a unit of Galatian cavalry.  My only wargaming superstition is that a newly painted unit (or RPG figure) in its first game will perform either brilliantly or with excruciating incompetence.  This unit was fine.


  1. wow, they look really cool, are the cloaks standard or are they sculpted by yourself ?
    I especially like the grey horses they lok superb !!

  2. Thanks! The cloaks are like this on the figures. They look as though they are billowing in the wind, which makes them quite hard to paint - they have some quite smooth areas as well as some heavily creased folds.

    I'm pleased with the way the horses turned out because they are much more finely detailed than the Essex or Old Glory cavalry I've mostly painted in the past. I had no idea how they would look when I finished!

    Thanks again

  3. They are really next best favourite period...ancients, especially romans but you´ve done a far better job on these than I ever did on mine.
    PS Thanks for following my blog...the more the merrier :-D.

  4. Hi Paul, thanks a lot - I thought I should return the compliment!