Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gallic Cavalry

These are loopies by 1st Corp:
Or should that be loonies?  Anyway, I bought the men really cheaply at Carronade in Falkirk and then purchased the horses to go with them - overall, a quick way to put some cavalry together.
The bags the guys were in were labelled "Gallic/German cavalry".  I based them in the same style as my Romans and Seleucids.
They saw their first outing last week at Claymore as Galatian cavalry, and performed reasonably well.
Unlike the infantry, I tried stripes and checks on this lot.  I think they came out okay, even though it's my first attempt.
To finish off, here's a close-up of nutters in action.  I'm quite pleased with the final result.


  1. very colourful unit! I love Gauls

  2. Thanks! I like Gauls too, but I'm trying to resist putting together enough to make an army - they're a lot of work. Having said that, this lot made a refreshing change from Roman uniforms.

  3. They are a lot of work but when finished and painted well like this lot they look great. 27 of them...that´s one lot of work!! They look excellent.

  4. a great looking unit, waiting to run down some hapless romans!

  5. Thanks again; hmmm, "hapless Romans", my favourite kind...

  6. Great looking unit Paul well done again!

  7. That's a fantastic looking unit. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a bunch of them.

  8. Cheers, guys, I wasn't intending to do these but when a bargain appeared it kind of made sense. I don't have enough for a Celtic army, but these plus the foot I already have would do as a mercenary contingent.