Friday 18 May 2012

Cthulhu Rising - in Glasgow!

I've been meaning to take some photos of an amazing piece of graffiti that appeared on a wall just outside Kelvinbridge Underground station a while ago.  It's under a long set of stairs leading up to Great Western Road, and is in two parts.  Left as you look at it:
And right, on the other side of a pillar:
Here's my attempt at a composite:
The whole thing is about twenty feet wide by ten feet high.  As you look at it the River Kelvin is behind you, about 50 yards back.  So obviously something has crept out one night and created a gate to R'lyeh or somewhere equally lovely.  So if you want to show your players what a properly executed gate looks like, here you are!


  1. There`s graffiti, and there`s graffiti, but this is art.

  2. That's definitely some graffiti! It's a while since I've been around the West End but might be worth a trip just to have a look at that in the flesh.