Friday, 22 March 2013

Normans win again

We replayed Hastings on Tuesday at the club; no photos because it was too dark.  This is just to remind myself of the bit that mattered: the revised scenario rules worked well, making it a better game, especially for the Saxons.  The smaller Norman cavalry contingents worked well too, although one player (Willie) commented afterwards that it was a bit more difficult to keep track of the greater number of individual units.  The Normans won on turn 9 of a maximum 12, but it was close.  They were beginning to make serious inroads on the two Saxons wings, especially since Gyrth on the Saxon left came charging off the ridge early on.  This caused Harold to order a general advance in the centre, but he went down fighting in the midst of the mass of Norman foot.  The Normans lost seven units and my guys on the Saxon right killed the newly painted commander of the Breton contingent in his first battle; in total, the invaders lost eight of their eleven break points.  I think that if Harold hadn't died the Saxons would still have lost, but it would have been even closer.  Mark is going to do the write-up for the Society of Ancients, so I'll need to send him my scenario-specific rules modifications at one point.  Willie thinks it would make a good convention game - we'd just need to produce some decent looking terrain.  Maybe a project for another time.

Next up is a campaign game, Successors pikes, on Tuesday.  After that is our practice game of Chalons - I'm busy painting the command bases for that now...


  1. Sounds interesting. I missed finding a note as to the ruleset you're using...

  2. Sorry, Mike, should have said - we use a playtest version of Tactica II. The basic concepts are straightforward, which leaves a lot of scope for scenario or period specific rules. For the Saxons at Hastings, we specified that every unit except Harold's personal guard has to test to avoid compulsory pursuit - this is to simulate the order to hold the line on the ridge. There are then points where the units can try to activate and be moved as normal, under direct player control. Both times we've played it, Gyrth charged forward off the ridge on the left of the Saxon line too early, which allowed the Normans to start to pick off his command a unit at a time. The Saxons are really up against it, but if they can keep cohesion they will win. Even when they don't, they do a lot of damage to the Norman mounted troops.

    Thanks for looking!

  3. We did Hastings last year. The Saxons managed to hold up the Normans long enough to force a draw of sorts. But it was damned close!

  4. Nice work. Hastings is one of those battles I'd love to do one day. Of course, I'd have to paint up some figures first though, so I'll just have to continue to enjoy it vicariously!