Monday, 20 May 2013

A Few Huns More - courtesy of Oldbob!

Oldbob who hangs out on The Miniatures Page very generously sent me these guys, who were surplus to requirements - enough to make an eight-figure unit plus the obligatory looting party:
Figs by Foundry.
I gave them a smattering of shields, with a few left-over LBMS transfers of hide coverings (for Numidians, I think, but who cares...).
These were fun to paint, and they will be in the centre of the Hun contingent the next time we play Chalons.
That will be in a month, and in any case I thought I should paint them as quickly as possible after they arrived.
The looters were really different from the usual.
I like to think that the woman who has been grabbed has just killed the guy lying on the floor.
And that probably makes her better at killing Huns than her menfolk!
I also included a command figure.
These made a nice interlude from painting ancient Spanish.  But before I go back to those, I have a whole lot of dead Hoplites to finish for First Mantinea.  Cheers, all!


  1. Quite impressive.

    Do you know what manufacturer makes the looters?

  2. Hi Rob, they are by Foundry:

    They are at the bottom left of the page as you look at it.