Saturday 1 June 2013

On the Painting Tray: June 2013

May was a very productive month indeed: I completed 36 Spanish cavalry, 8 Huns, some Huns looting, and 37 casualties for First Mantineia.  That brings the running totals for 2013 to 82 cavalry and 268 infantry.  Next up: six units of 27 loose formation Caetrati.  I reckon those will take me a couple of months...


  1. Picts or it didn´t happen... ;P
    Cheers// Jonas

  2. Jonas is right - see link on the left hand column for blog entries in May for the details!

  3. Great effort, Paul! This has the makings of a champion year :)

  4. Thanks, Aaron - I'm hoping to reach one thousand figures by the end of the year, with cavalry counting double. It's an entirely arbitrary round number, but it's something to aim for - I need all the motivation I can get!

    1. I know what you mean regarding taking all motivation you can! Good luck hitting the thousand. When you've done it, line them all up on table and take a photo!