Friday 22 November 2013

Companion Miniatures Celtiberians

"What's that coming over the hill, is it a Warband?"  Sung to the tune my kids keep humming at the moment:
Shame about the band of light at the right of the photo - today is the first time I've had a chance to take pictures of these guys and there is actually some sunshine in wintry Scotland!
I finished them earlier this week, and today they have been packed away for their first outing - Ilipa tonight, guest starring as the Turdetani.  So they'll most likely be getting slaughtered...
When I got these figures from Dougie to use for all of my Iberians, I deliberately kept back all of the guys in cloaks to use as the Celtiberians.  I painted them up as a mix of tartans, which I blagged from a website on the Scottish clans.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.
I added some of the other standard figures, but painted those in all sorts of colours to make them distinct from the Scutarii and Caetrati.
And here they are, in all their glory: four warbands of 45 figures each.  These plus the closer based Scutarii will give me all the options I will need for our ongoing campaign.  They are already revolting!
I also painted a couple of command stands - the more the merrier!
These are by Gripping Beast - Companion Miniatures are very difficult to find.
I really like the standards.
I used similar random colours to the warbands to make them fit in well.
And to finish off, the inevitable price of fighting Romans.  These are Wargames Factory Numidian Infantry, the ancient gamer's plastics of choice for unarmoured types.  Bases chopped off, Iberian shields and appropriate colours and voila, casualty figures for Ilipa.  Totals for 2013 are now 82 mounted and 648 infantry figures completed.


  1. Well, difficult to comment this...absolutly stunning to me, I love this beautiful army, from the warbands to the command stands without forgetting the casualty markers...your work on the bases is wondeful too!

  2. That's a fabulous force, Paul! Phew.

  3. I concur with Phil. Stunning...and that's some work rate you've been putting in this year Paul. Well done indeed.

  4. superb work wonderffl use of colour

  5. Fantastic work here! You've got it all...great colors, tunics, shields and basing. Good luck on the tabletop. Oh, and my you've been busy!

  6. Thanks for looking, everyone. These took a lot of effort! I have serious admiration for anyone who has painted an entire army of Celts...