Sunday 16 February 2014

Tuesday's other game

I have been promising to take Thomas to the club for a while now, but only when he is on holiday from school, because he then doesn't have to worry about a late night.  However, since he is eleven years old, he has the attention span of an eleven-year old, so when he was there on Tuesday I gave him the task of photographing the other game:
This was a game of Maurice using Billy Ramsay's 10mm figs (I think) on Billy Woods' carpet tile terrain.
I promised Thomas that I would put his best photos on the blog, so here they are.  I think the use of single contours works really well with this figure scale.  Billy has made them geomorphic, with textured and painted rivers and roads.  Pretty!


  1. he has done a fine job of photographing the game those tiles look great too!!

  2. Hi Willie - will we maybe see you at the new place at one point? There's plenty of room...

  3. Nice photos and nice looking game.

  4. Very handsome layout and nice photos!

  5. Very well done, Thomas!

    I do like the terrain too. It looks lovely and works perfectly!