Thursday 8 May 2014

Campaign Events: 147 BC onwards

Our ancients campaign seems to have really busy moments, followed by lulls as everyone builds up for another go.  Recent events:

Summer 147
  • The Romans defeat the Macedonians in Epirus, but at great cost to themselves.  The Macedonians retire to Pella, to pick up more troops
  • Carthage falls to Scipio Aemilianus
  • The Ptolemaic Egyptians move an army from Sinai into Nabatea
Autumn 147
  • The Ptolemies annexe Nabatea.  Might as well pick up some extra provinces while everyone else is otherwise involved.
  • The Parthians annexe Persis
  • The victorious Roman army in Carthage starts marching across North Africa back to Iberia, leaving a reserve contingent behind.  They are supposed to go and reinforce the army in Epirus, but are delayed by storms.  And loot.  Lots of loot.
  • The Roman army in Epirus retires to Calabria to wait for reinforcements, unable to press on after their costly victory
Winter 147

Various taxes are collected and folks go into winter quarters.  The one major political event is that the Achaean League under Corinth declares independence from Macedon, cutting off Sparta.  Might as well kick the northerners while they're down...

Spring 146
  • The Romans in Carthage cross to Lilybaeum
  • Scipio Aemilianus arrives with his victorious army in Saguntum
  • The Parthians invade Carmania
  • Roman reinforcements start to arrive in Calabria
  • The Macedonians move their entire army to Epirus for the next round
  • The Ptolemies invade Palmyra
  • The Achaeans move into Sparta

Summer 146
  • The Romans reinforce Calabria from Lilybaeum
  • The Achaeans 'liberate' Sparta.  The laconic response is "Thanks a lot."
  • The Ptolemies annexe Palmyra
  • The Parthians annexe Carmania
Autumn 146
The Romans invade Epirus yet again.  Their army is slightly larger than the Macedonians - is the writing finally on the wall for the phalangites?

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  1. Wouldn´t the proper Laconian response simply be "Thanks!"