Tuesday, 1 July 2014

On the Painting Tray: July 2014

Finishing off one Caesarean legion (24 figs to go plus a mounted legate), and then starting the next.  Each legion will have 80 figures plus their mounted leader.  Almost all the rank and file are by Companion Miniatures, as are many of the command stands.  I am, though, varying things a little by using other manufacturers for a senior tribune on the eagle base and for the legate himself.  Just to make them stand out a little bit...


  1. You have not been idle while I have been away. Well done.
    While on holiday I found a museum of model soldiers at Compeigne (North of Paris on the Aisne). I spent a fascinating hour and a half there with Gavin. Most of the displays were dioramas using Historex figures although there were some using pre war flats and other manufacturers, One display showed how a figure was manufactured. The original model was carved from wood!. I will bring in the leaflets tomorrow night.

    1. Good stuff, I'd like to see those. Phil Steele has a real thing about flats; I wonder if he knows about that museum?