Thursday 28 August 2014

Campaign Events, 138-134 BC

Summer 138: The Romans subjugate Illyria  and their roving eastern Mediterranean army arrives in the Propontis. Both of these armies will remain in place for some considerable time, due to uncertain rumblings from the many other tribes in the region. In the east, the Egyptians retire to Babylonia and the Parthians re-enter Persis.
Autumn 138: The Romans annexe Propontis and the Parthians retake Persis.

Spring 137: The Parthians advance into Characene.
Summer 137: The Parthians retake Characene.

Autumn 137: The Parthians advance into Elymais.
Winter 137: An Indian army arrives in Sind ready for conquest northwards.

Spring 136: The Parthians retake Elymais and the Indians move into their northernmost province of Sattagydia.
Summer 136: The Indians invade Gandhara.

Autumn 136: Alarmed by Indian movements, the Parthians move their army to Aria on the Bactrian border, picking up central reinforcements on the way. In the meantime, the ndians annexe Gandhara.
Spring 135: The Indians invade Ammyrgia. In the west, a massive slave uprising occurs in Siciliy, led by one Eunus. 

Summer 135: The Romans raise a new army in Latium to deal with the slaves, who establish full control over Sicilia Poeni. In the east, the Indians annexe Ammyrgia.
 Autumn 135: The Roman army moves to Sicilia Sicarii and Eunus advances his slaves into Sicilia Greacus. The Indians move into Tocharia.

Spring 134: The Romans advance into Sicilia Greaci. There is some vicious guerilla warfare and then the slaves retire to Sicilia Poeni. The Indians annexe Tocharia.

Autumn 134: The Romans attack the slaves in Sicilia Poeni and the Indians invade Bactria.
This gives us two major battles in the same season, after four campaign years of relative quiet.  Things are heating up again...

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