Monday, 10 November 2014

Men in Black

Well, Romans with black shields.  I know my Hollywood - they must be bad guys.
Again, mostly by Companion Miniatures.  Some of the foot Tribunes are by Foundry, and the mounted Legate is Navigator Minis' Pompey.
Shield designs are by Little Big Men, for Warlord Games Romans.  They are a little too big for these shields, but I mostly managed.  Some are a bit damaged, but I just left them like that - I want these guys to look as though they have been in some fights.
I was getting a little bit jaded with red shields.  Besides, I like the look of the black with the red cloaks.


  1. Black shields with red cloaks look fantastic to me!
    Nice job!

  2. Nicely done - the shields look great.


  3. Fantastic paint job (and photos!), love these black shields!

  4. Lovely Companion legionaries, the black shields with white lions are striking!

  5. Cheers, all, thanks for looking. I'm beginning to feel the need to take a break from legionaries...