Monday 1 December 2014

An Embossed Legion

Or, to be more precise, a legion carrying embossed shields, by Companion Miniatures:
There are actually two slightly different designs, but together I had enough (barely) to cover an entire legion.
Officers are mostly by Navigator Miniatures, I think. The legate is their Crassus figure.
I'll do one more legion of these guys and then start thinking about the opposition...


  1. I like how you mix different manufactures in. Nice Paul.

  2. Thanks for looking, guys. I must admit that I was rather relieved when I realised the various manufacturers would work well together. I've pretty much run out of Companion Miniatures command figures - the only ones left are legionary eagles plus some centurion types. So I had to scrat around for others to fit the bill, especially signifers and musicians. Fortunately, Navigator sells those separately...