Saturday 3 January 2015

More photos of Gauls and Romans

Some more photos of the big game, courtesy of Graham, taken from the Gallic perspective:
Graham's own figures coming to attack him. These comprised the propraetorean command I was running.
Side shot of Graham's command at the start of the battle.
Another shot of them, this time advancing on the estate (and Graham's warband).
Vicious skirmish melee in the estate. Graham's warband waits patiently for the Velites to be cleared.
Graham's cavalry.
The combat on the other side of the field. Romans with their Numidian auxiliaries to the left, brave freedom fighters of Gaul on the right.
The main infantry lines as seen from Graham's position at the right rear of the Gallic army.
This is how the Roman legions' breakthrough looked to the Gauls. Just as well they had their own cavalry coming through behind the Romans!
A rather grand infantry struggle.
A closer look at the attack of the Allobroges warbands at the centre right of the coalition's army.
Nasty evil Balearic slingers with Numidian friends threatening the sons of Gaul. Well, much more than just threatening - those slingers were horrific.
A close-up of the nastiest troops on the field.


  1. Excellent looking figures and game! Nice way to ring in the New Year!

    1. Cheers, Dean, thanks for looking. You've been busy too!

    2. Graham the Allobrogian4 January 2015 at 00:24

      As most of the figures were mine Thank you Dean. Happy New Year to you.
      The Romans with the light blue shields and the Gallic cavalry are Wargames Factory plastics. The Allobroges are part of an early German army I am working on for the campaign.

    3. Graham's Germans were standing in for Gauls this time around, but they will be soon be making an appearance in their own right. I'll try to get some painted as well to join in - we'll need a lot of them for the migration. His painted Romans fought especially well on Tuesday - we want revenge!

  2. That's really something mate! Happy New Year...

    1. Cheers, Michael, and a Happy New Year to you too. I really should have become involved with the Wargames Bloggers Quarterly - there just isn't enough time to do all the things I want!

  3. Thats the way to do it! Fantastic table sir.