Thursday 7 May 2015

Numidian High Command

Two bases for the North African project, one mounted and one foot.
Crusader Miniatures makes a Numidian Prince, in dismounted and mounted form - he's the guy in the red-bordered yellow tunic and purple cloak.
The foot figures are also by Crusader.
The other mounted figures are the only Companion Miniatures Numidian cavalry I could find - these are very rare.
Banner transfers are culled from LBMS hoplite shields. The elaborate foot standard is taken from Warlord Games' Praetorian set. Again, I've made the bases relatively sparse to keep them in keeping with the rest of the army - hopefully they look right for North Africa.


  1. I think they look fantastic. Your blog has such great eye candy for the ancients fan.

  2. I like the varied skin tones as well as the horse flesh.

  3. Great looking vignettes, well done!

  4. Thanks for looking, and for the generous comments. It all helps with the motivation...

  5. Splendid work! Bases look perfect for N. Africa.

  6. HI, just wondering what you used for your bases. They seem to have a really lovely 'sandy' look to them?

    If that makes sense? :)

    1. Hi, good question - the answer is surprisingly boring, though. I use really cheap decorator's brown wood filler. It comes in small tubs of up to about 1kg and can be found in almost any hardware or decorating store, usually for under £5.00 (British pounds). Make sure it can be thinned down with water, because that means it's acrylic, and shouldn't warp MDF type bases. There are more expensive products out there, but they tend to be oil based and can warp bases - they also stink, kind of like Testor's Dullcote stench. I gave up using it when I realised it warped the bases, and when I had kids - too smelly!

      The good thing about the stuff I use its that it's cheap enough to use on home made terrain as well...

  7. heh.. thought it might be something like that. I might just give it a try!

    Many thanks C