Thursday, 2 July 2015

Skirmishers for Jugurtha

All ready to line the hills and chuck stuff at Romans:
All by Crusader Miniatures - the same figures I used for my light infantry and massed foot, although the latter have different shields.
Here they are on top of one of the hills I've just finished.
I used a random mix of shapes and colours for the shields, to give them that loved leather look. With goatskin. And sheepskin. And anything else that comes to hand...
I think they look fine on the new hilltop. There are 52 of them - no particular reason for the strange number. I just bought 48 and had four left over from my massed units, so I painted those too. All that now remains for this particular army is a couple of command stands, and then Jugurtha can take the field.


  1. They look the hill! Excellent job!

  2. lovely work and display of great figures - marvelous painting!