Saturday 1 October 2016

A few Celtiberian horsemen and some Roman casualties. Also just finished is a legate for one of the legions.
Almost finished a unit of 18 Celtiberian cavalry, courtesy of swap with Mike Adams in the USA. These are Companion Miniatures figures, and are very rare indeed. I already have 36 painted as Iberians, so I gave these ones a wider range of colours and shields to make them a bit more rough and ready. They also have quite a bit or armour, as well as the obligatory head trophies dangling from the horses.


  1. Rare indeed , any chance of close up when finished.

    1. Hi Joe, will do. I used long shields and caetrae because I happened to have them, as well as the LBMs transfers. Plus I gave the standard bearer a stolen Roman signifer's shield. Seemed like a good idea...