Saturday, 26 August 2017

Society of Ancients Committee Meeting

On Thursday Roy and I took the train to That London for a committee meeting. While not perhaps the most riveting of reasons to pass through as little of the nation's capital as we could manage, it nevertheless had its highlights. Some swag:
Both are available from the Society of Ancients webshop here:

Until now, my activities have mostly taken the form of editing the journal, which means a lot of email traffic. Not so much in the way of face to face communication, though, because time is tight. Cheltenham is a good location, and now that things are settling down at least a little I am hoping to be more able to take advantage - hence the trip to London. It was a good opportunity to meet people with whom I had only corresponded previously, and this is something I'm hoping to do a little more often. Now I just need to cover all of the playing pieces in Gladiolus with clear plastic and unleash my kids...

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