Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Saying hello: Jean-Pascal Tran

Hi, and thanks for following. This blog isn't very active at the moment, because my figure gaming life is pretty much moribund. When I moved to this part of England, I already knew of several games clubs, but as it happened, they weren't really good for me. Either too far away, or mostly Warhammer stuff. I am still painting, albeit in a rather desultory fashion, and I do occasionally manage a figure game, but all is few and far between. I will return to it properly at one point. Of course, the main issue is massive amounts of over-work, which means I have very little energy for anything else at the moment. But I shall return when the stars are right...


  1. Life can be like that unfortunately have you checked out Chris Greggs blog http://notjustoldschool.blogspot.com
    I'm sure he lives in the area may be worth an approach!

  2. Thanks, Graham, I'll give it a shot.