Wednesday 22 September 2021

I know I haven't posted here for a while

 ... but that's because I've just moved continents. No gaming where I am now, except solo, which is why I was practicing with a solo version of Star Fleet Battles. Unable to bring my main ancients gaming with me, I've opted instead for lightweight plastic spaceships:

Kzinti logistics moving through asteroids with a fighter escort

The fighters and Tug are from the Star Fleet Battle section of Shapeways, 3788 scale. The freighters are by the Plastic Soldier Company, and come with the Command & Colours Red Alert spaceship tabletop game. I've painted them as Kzinti.

The asteroids and planet come from the Armada Scale items sold by Combat Zone Scenery.

The sensor arrays have been treated with children's UHU glitter glue to make them stand out a little bit. And why not, eh?


  1. Nicely done! And good to see you back. How are you enjoying being overseas?


    1. Hi Aaron, it's good to hear from you - and thanks for your kind words on the SOA forum. I took this job because it's attractive, and because UK Higher Education is no longer attractive. The family is staying in England for the foreseeable future while the kids go through state school exams. We didn't want to risk taking them out of the system and then getting stuck because of continuing uncertainties around Covid restrictions. Besides, they are in good schools and colleges anyway.

      I've been an expat before, but that was in Eastern Europe nearly thirty years ago. This is much different, especially the bureaucracy. Still, people tell me that once you get through all of that, life settles down quite nicely. The good thing about being here is its geographical centrality - should be able to visit friends in Australia, for example.


  2. Greetings Professor!
    It appears that you're doing well, making the transition from ancient gaming with Tactica II to futuristic gaming with space ships. It also appears that you've managed the move as well. Appreciated your brief comments about education. I also appreciate and have used prior posts on your blog as a source of inspiration.
    Thanks and cheers,
    Chris Hahn

  3. Greetings Professor -
    I doubt that I could manage the shift from ancients to space as smoothly and as interestingly as you. It's nice to see that you've maintained an interest in the hobby even if Life circumstances have presented you with a few challenges.
    Thank you for your continued presence and for your previous posts, which have often been sources of inspiration for gamers like myself, who aspire to the higher levels you have so competently achieved.
    Cheers -

    1. Hi Chris, it's good to hear from you, and thanks for the compliments. I always wanted to say a special thanks to yourself for all the work you have been putting into Slingshot; you're certainly much more prolific with gaming write-ups than I am!

  4. I still don't think I could play SFB again, even if I played it a lot (actually a lot) in the 80s. I have been culling the boardgames I know I will never play again. I was SFB trying to be ruthless but SFB survived :-) over the last few weeks I have been looking over SFB, the commander rules xx other SF rules, just trying to find something I think I would be comfortable dipping my toe back in. Your post came at an opportune time, think I may have something simple but called the flavour. Maybe.

    It must be hard to be away from those beautiful 28mm armies you have shown over the years. I have always been jealous of them! I hope you are doing ok being overseas and away from the family. Australia is still a long way from where you currently be are, and at the moment the government won't let you in anyway! Take care, gaming is gaming and so long as it is fun what else is there to it?

    1. Hi Shaun, thanks looking in - I know what you mean about SFB and fun. I came up with a fast way to play fleet games solo and that has given me the incentive to get painting. I'll get back to the ancients at one point, probably when I return to the UK, whenever that will be. Having said that, all those new plastics are very tempting!