Monday 22 May 2023

Idea for Modular Kzinti Base

 TT Combat makes a really useful box set of bits that can be used to construct space station models:

It occurred to me this would be useful for my embryonic Star Fleet Battles collection. I want each power's stations to have a specific look to them and I have now finally completed my Kzinti stations:

This is my attempt at a Battle Station. The plastic can be a little difficult to glue properly, so after several attempts I settled for a sort of "Y" shape as opposed to equidistant. Multiple tries were starting to obscure the details, so I cut my losses. There are still a few gaps, but at tabletop distance you can't really tell.

Three extra pods. Add them to the Battle Station and it magically transforms into...

... a Starbase. From pod to pod across the length is eight inches. At the nominal scale of 1/3788 that makes it 840 yards or around 770 meters end to end for those of a metric disposition.

To get an idea of the relative size of the thing, here is a Strike Carrier with accompanying Escort Frigate. Starbases should be big, after all.

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