Tuesday 26 May 2009


This lot is comprised of cataphract figures. Wargames rules usually classify the main heavy cavalry arm as mostly clibanarii. In the earlier period they are joined by cataphracts, replaced later on by superior clibanarii. I've seen these later aristocrats described in Persian terms as "Savaran" or "Asvaran".
I'm going to stick with Gripping Beast for the cataphracts and clibanarii. I already have Essex Islamic Persians that will do for the Asvaran; all I need to do is rescue them from their current state of dilapidation...
The Gripping Beast cataphracts work well for the earlier period. I don't know if you can tell from these photos, but they don't have stirrups - hence the overarm lance positions. I've mixed in one or two men with bows to make up the numbers. I must admit that I'm not entirely convinced by the wargames classifications of the various kinds of Persian heavies and how they functioned on the battlefield; I just like painting the figures. They do, however, take a great deal of effort.

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