Tuesday, 26 May 2009


More Gripping Beast figures, this time a couple of command bases:
I used one of the glorious Sassanid flags from Little Big Men Studios for the commanding general's standard bearer.
The lance pennant is a smaller flag from the same range. It's more visible in the next photo:
The rule set of choice in our corner of the Phoenix Club is Tactica II, which requires command markers in addition to the c-in-c:
This guy is a surplus heavy archer I had left over, so I based him on his own. I use round bases so that these marking figures stand out on the tabletop.
A standard force is 2,000 points, which can mean large numbers of figures, so it's important that commanders are visually distinctive.
The c-in-c has various functions, but command markers are simply used to denote a radius of effect.

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