Saturday, 16 January 2010

Seleucid Agema

These are revamped older figures I have managed to do in between batches of Roman heavy infantry. I've updated the paint job to bring it more into line with the way I paint nowadays, in the hope that they will look roughly the same as more recently painted units. They were then varnished and rebased. Figures by Essex.


  1. You have time to paint SELEUCIDS? ;-)

    A nice big unit!

  2. Hi Simon; not really! They took me a while, squeezing in some work while the Romans were drying after batches of gluing, undercoating, varnishing and so on. I'd love to be able to put on Magnesia with these guys versus my 1st Corps Romans, with some of their light troops and new Antigonid cavalry for the Pergamenes. The one thing I don't have, though, is the Galatians. There's always something else I'd like to do; I've even come up with an order of battle and deployment for Magnesia...