Tuesday 26 April 2011

Dangerous Brian!

Welcome to Brian, whose blog is here. He has loads of really good RPG ideas, and Warhammer Ancients Battles amongst other goodies.  Do go and say hello.


  1. Thanks for the welcome Caliban. Very kind of you. Haven't published as much wargaming material as I would have liked recently, but I'm hoping that will change soon.

  2. Hi Biff, the more the merrier!

    Brian, are you thinking of sticking with Warthammer Ancients for the wargaming? The reason I'm asking is the run of new ancients rulesets that's coming out in a rush at the moment. One of the guys at our club has bought copies of Hail Caesar and Clash of Empires. I've had a quick look at both, but that's all. I'm wondering how good these pretenders to the crown of WAB are going to be...

    Cheers both!