Saturday 23 April 2011

Empire Campaign Turn 10 finished: the half-way point

Above is the campaign map at the half-way mark.  We reduced the starting Victory Points for Carthage and Persia from 12 to 10, to reflect the relative difficulty of successful attacks in the tabletop battles.  We also decided to activate India and Ptolemaic Egypt as major powers, just to increase the utility of the map as a battle generator.  The other change is that if a rebellion is rolled in an uncontrolled province, the appropriate army attacks a neighbouring province controlled by a major power (tribal migration or whatever).

At the start of the next turn, we rolled a possible uprising in Gallia, but since no one borders it, nothing happened.  The first game will be the Macedonians attempting to take Syria again.  This one will be a Successors battle: Antigonids attacking Seleucids.

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