Thursday, 1 September 2011

On the painting tray: September 2011

Last month I finished a dozen Parthian horse archers plus their obligatory baggage camel for Willie; photos will follow at one point.  At the moment, I have a bunch of rather battered Foundry Spartans to renovate.  I got these from Eric years ago, and with Platea coming up next year I decided to revisit them.  They have a basic paintjob and I have replaced the spears.  The biggest problem is that the old spears they had (most of which have vanished) were quite heavily glued on.  Even with careful work, some of it is still noticeable, but if I do any more scraping or whatever the figures will be damaged.  So I'm going to repaint them with the intention of covering up most of the offending gunk.  I reckon that if you pick them up you'll be able to see the remnants of the stuff, but on the table top it shouldn't be noticeable.  There are 32 of them, some with shield aprons.

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