Thursday, 1 September 2011

Parthians for Willie

These guys have just been finished.  They are mostly Navigator Miniatures with some extras thrown in.  I found the two-part riders difficult at first, especially the placing of the legs.  Many of the horses' heads are thrown quite far back, and I found with practice that the legs of the men need to be glued on quite far behind so that enough space is left for their torsos.  Hence the use of a couple of other horses and a Warrior Miniatures rider - I did quite a lot of damage before I got it right!
The good thing about the two-part riders is that it gives some variation in the poses without being as fiddly as fully multi-part figures.  Once you get it right, of course!
I went for bright colours but not quite so much decoration as for the aristocracy.  After all, these are meant to be the main basic troops of the army.
I also used my usual basing mix, with some heavier extra bits and stuff.
I posed the figures in different ways, so as to represent the look of swirling light horse.
The final one is my attempt at an action shot. 


  1. Lots of action there and I do like a Parthian Shot from time to time.

  2. Thanks, Paul, that was quick. Good luck with the Pen & Sword book, by the way. It's always good to see someone getting more publication.

    Other Paul

  3. Parthian shot...? I´ve never thought of it before but I wonder is that´s where the saying Parting shot comes from??
    Nice looking minis