Thursday 5 January 2012

Welcome to Lee Hadley

... of Big Lee's Minipainting on Blogspot.  He has a much wider range of interests than I do, or at least than I've managed to put on here.  I'm always interested in periods such as WWII, but I want to concentrate on as few projects at a time as I possibly can.  In other words, I'm trying desperately to resist that bane of the wargamer's life, the Ooh Shiny! complex.


  1. Mm. Yes. The Ooo Shiny! complex.

    You are aware there is no hope, right? Speaking as a man who was both seduced into buying a copy of I Ain't Been Shot Mum by the joint forces of Messrs Shuck, Clarke and Hyde, and will be buying some 15mm WW2 to play it... and is now eyeing the end of the Warhammer Historical sale and the awesome work of Sidney R at and is not going to buy Great War and Over The Top, honest. Really. I'm not.


  2. I count my lucky stars I have never caught this Ooo Shiny thing myself,I have been able to stick from dawn of time to present day with some ease!

  3. Hi Fran, you're right, I should always mention the Rejects! Mike and Willie are right about the dreaded complex, but I'm doing my best to keep focus.