Saturday 24 March 2012

Armoured Immortals

By Foundry:
A shot from in front and above to show the basing style, which is pretty much my usual.
How they look from the front, where the Greeks are usually located...
Here they marching to the right...
...and to the left.  Very disciplined, they are, for barbarians, says he with an Attic sneer.
And here is a Persian commander's view, except for Mardonius, who gets killed in front of the unit.  Hope you likes' em!


  1. Great painting! An impressive unit.

  2. Very colorful Immortals - Foundry Persians are great figures.

  3. Paul, I echo the remarks above, great painting and nice looking unit. Have you read Persian Fire by Tom Holland? Great book for a snapshot detail on the history of the Persians up to Platea.

  4. Thanks for the good vibes, guys. I did read Persian Fire a while ago, and I really liked it too. I really should keep a better eye out for books, it's been a while since I read much history.

  5. They are excellent. Great stuff!

  6. Great looking unit Paul. Smart!