Sunday, 18 March 2012

Immortals' unit command

These figures are from Foundry's pack of Persian foot command:
I'm putting the Immortals on deeper bases than their hoplite opponents, partly to show the difference in their formations, but mostly because I really enjoyed painting these as a change, and I want to show them off to best advantage.
How they look to a Greek.
A view from one side...
...and from the other.
Finally, how they look from behind.  As bright as possible!


  1. Very nice indeed!


  2. I like the colour combo I could imagine the Royal Persian army thundering the down the hot dusty Grecian tracks to Athens...This is inpisring me to finish my fight my Greeks.

  3. Thanks for looking, folks. By the way Mark, please let me know if you have a blog yourself and I'll link in.

  4. Paul, I currently don't have a blog. I did have a website many, many moons ago (in fact, it's getting close to beyond a couple of decades maybe even more....the website crashed, the host went bankrupt and all material was lost as they had failed to pay for their back to back services (aka back up and DR storage) which was quite a common occurrence back then.

    However, I am thinking about getting one. My partners brother is coming round for dinner today and he (illustrious international website / blogger/ creator extraordinaire) is rather experienced in this website / blog malarky so I will seize the chance today and ascertain the best way, I might even ask him for a freebie...

    But thank you for the offer of the link I shan't forget.

    P.S Love the Pontus Rebellion - reminds me of the campaigns that I played with a great bunch of friends in south urban Manchester in the 80's using The Conquerors map by SPI....(yikes doesn't time fly when you have fun, work, family, other…)

  5. Personally, I didn't put in the time and effort needed for websites, mainly because work and family = no spare time. But when blogger and suchlike appeared, it was pointed out that effectively they are free websites. I like being able to document my gaming life in a way that wasn't possible before; man, I would have loved to be able to do this in the early eighties when I played so many RPGs! And if anyone else finds some of it interesting, that's an added bonus - thanks again for reading!