Thursday, 12 April 2012

Immortals Completed

Finished my unit of Immortals for Plataea.  These are the unarmoured rear rankers:
The stripes look slightly off centre down their backs, but that's because the cloth billows out, and I made sure the line followed that correctly.  The only criticism I have of these figures is that they lean forwards a bit, which is a very minor point.  I did try to correct this, but I was wary of pushing too hard in case I damaged them.  Two shots of the full unit:
At one point I will buy archers and make this into two units.  One will be the armoured spearmen with rear ranking bowmen, and the other will be composed of the unarmoured spearmen plus archers.  That will effectively give me some Immortals and some sparabara types.  But they'll do just now for Plataea.  Figures are by Foundry.


  1. They are quite amazing, really lovely work!

  2. Very nice once again. Looking forward to see the game and the figures in the flesh at Carronade.

  3. Great work Paul, very nice looking unit. What next for the Persian host?

  4. I like 'em. I'm going to steal that color combination for some Sassanids.

  5. Very colourful unit of Immortals - the aerial photo is very effective. Foundry sparabara are excellent figures.

  6. Thanks for looking, everyone.

    Hendrid - do introduce yourself and join in if you like. I know you were at Claymore, but I can't remember the various faces that appeared through the day. Incidentally, there will be four commands per side, kind of with staggered entry/activation times. That means people can join in as the game progresses!

    Marcus - I don't know! I will split this unit into two, but I have been enjoying them so much that I might take advantage of the momentum and keep going, using our Order of Battle for Plataea to build an entire Persian army, friends included. If I were to do this, I'd need four units of 36 Immortals plus six units of 48 regular bow/spear units, so this is just a start...

    Rob - please let us see the Sassanids when you do them. I have a few of those, and it would be really good to see a full army.

    Cyrus - glad you like the aerial shot. I was trying to give a gamer's eye-view.

    Cheers again, folks.

  7. Some very nice painting, love the trousers!

  8. Great looking unit, very colourful

  9. Thanks!

    I will post pics when I get the army done. I generaly photograph each unit as they get completed. I love the Sassanids; they were my first Ancients army (in 15mm) and now I'm building them in 25mm. The problem is that they're like painting knights - everybody looks different! Mix in figures that are difficult to paint, and it gets very slow.