Wednesday 26 December 2012

Successors for Willie

The last figures I'll finish this year, I think:
These are 1st Corps Agema.  They are lovely figures, and take a lot of work to paint as elite types.
I used the same colour scheme, especially on the cloaks, as for the foot companions I painted earlier this year.
Here they are, thundering across the plain...
...and here they are, on their way back again.
And a general to go with them.  "Oi!  You over there - carve my likeness so that it can be distributed on coins to the masses back home.  No, not from the front, my nose looks too big like this!"
"That's better, a nice aristocratic profile."
"Not the horse's arse!"
"Now the grass is in the way.  That's it! Off to the Roman Front with you!"

Just can't get the help nowadays.  Anyway, it remains to be seen how they perform in combat.  These will be the last painted figures I manage in 2012, taking my grand total for the year to 487.  It's slightly fewer than I was hoping, but then I also painted a couple of large figs, rebased all of my 15mm Russian Napoleonics and constructed the battlefield for Plataea.  So I'm not disappointed...


  1. Nice figures again Paul. And a better total than I've managed this year, and a pretty healthy turn-over too.

  2. The colors are very striking.

  3. Remarkable! Those are beautifully painted figures that provide me inspiration! I love what you did with the command base.

  4. Thanks guys. Your Scutarii are shaping up nicely, Jonathan!

  5. Lovely Seleucid Companions, I really like these 1st Corps figures!

  6. A brave sight Paul! And lots of minis painted.

    Happy xmas, Simon

  7. Cheers - not so many as you're planning, Simon! I hope Santa was generous...

    I agree with Cyrus about 1st Corps figs, they are very nice indeed.

  8. Marvelous, wonderful looking cavalry and command stand, a great work!