Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Indians Rouse Themselves

...and attack Bactria with a large force of elephants.  Gordon has kindly supplied a diagram of the deployment he devised for the Indian army:

This has been put together from the viewpoint of the Indian commander.  The Greek colonists on the defence have found a couple of hills on which to nestle, plus a shallow stream down one flank.  Photos have been taken from the other side of the field, because that's where I was:
The initial shot of the elephants didn't come out well, but you'll see them in all their glory soon.  The first photo, above, is of the Indian centre as seen by the defenders; Indian army supplied by Simon.
Next is the massed chariotry and cavalry on the Indian left flank.  Gordon ran the right half of the army, Simon the left.
Willy deployed the defenders.  I was put in charge of the left wing, mostly cavalry with a small number of elephants and light infantry.
Willy ran the massed phalanx in the centre, as is his wont.  The usual cry went up: "Ramming speed!".  Willy likes pikes...
Mark ran our right, which was of similar composition to my command.
One of us was bound to get the short straw, and this time it was me.  Unlike the chariots and mediocre cavalry facing our right, the photo above shows what I was up against.  I would try to die as slowly as possible...
I stayed put; Willy charged; and Mark tried to position his forces as best he could for the attack.   The photo above shows his wing after turn one.
Above is my attempt to get in some shooting with my horse archers.  They aren't very good in combat against elephants...
To the right of the stream, I jiggled my forces a bit to try to give them some room.  I need to last as long as possible.  Willy's phalanx can be seen advancing into the distance, heedless of any danger to their left flank.
Mark's advance on the far side, with horse archers moving ahead to shoot anything they see.
The centres close.  Willy has the advantage to his front and right, but his left is very exposed.  There's just no way I can protect it with all that jumbelry rumbling towards my cavalry...
Mark threatens the enemy left.
Those elephants are getting far too close...
My lone unit of elephants charges into a block of Indian foot that has advanced quite far.  Result: nowt.  At the top of the photo, you can see Gordon's standard battle manoeuvre taking shape: swing the second line of the attack into the centre.
A close-up of my Nellies in inaction.
Another close range picture, this time demonstrating the developing threat to the left flank of Willy's infantry.
Willy's centre is having a good time, although they will need to win quickly if they are to avoid being rolled up from the left.
Marks is beginning to destroy his opponents quite nicely indeed, thank you very much.
And here he is again.  Simon's aim here is the same as mine, to slow down the opposition, which he manages.
Elephants making a mess of my command.
Mark crunches victoriously onwards.
I lose ingloriously.
The left of the phalanx collapses, and it's all over bar the shouting as our centre is rolled up in spectacular fashion.
Last up is Gordon's plan of the action, which pretty much sums it all up for us, with all those blue lines showing elephants moving into the centre.

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  1. Excellent pictures and report! Thanks for sharing!