Sunday 9 March 2014

North African Infantry

Figures by Companion Miniatures:
These came with small shields, clearly intended for use as light infantry or skirmishers.  However, Companion Miniatures are quite chunky, and I have more than a few of them, so I decided to give them Gripping Beast scuta with LBMS transfers and turn them into massed foot.  The command figs are by Gripping Beast.  After all, Juba's imitation legions had to come from somewhere...
We are going to need these for the developing campaign, for forces from the 3rd Punic War onwards.  There will be quite a lot of fighting in North Africa.
I used earth colours, greens and off-whites for the tunics, with various shades of brown and some grey for those with animal skins.  Flesh tone is a sort of nut brown that I usually use for light leather.  I wanted a deeply tanned look to these guys, but not really dark browns because these would be inaccurate for the inhabitants of the area at this time.  Hair colours are browns and some black.
Three units of 48 figures massed together on my newly distressed cloth for club games.  Lusher terrain can be seen in the background.  This takes my tally so far for 2014 to 160 foot and 44 mounted.


  1. Impressive. They look the part with the scuta and your count so far will surpass my own at the years end.

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Great looking troops, love them!

  3. Wow - massive amount of troops~all wonderfully painted and based too. Best, Dean

  4. Thanks for looking, everyone - they're definitely a bit different from my usual...