Thursday 12 June 2014

Campaign Events

Campaign events update:

Autumn 146
  • The Romans crush the Macedonian army in a battle in Epirus that sees the end of Macedonia as a Great Power.  It's all over bar the shouting.
  • Scipio Aemilianus invests Numantia while the Celtiberian army melts into the mountains, frustrating Roman attempts to bring them to battle.
  • The Ptolemaic Egyptian expeditionary force arrives in Babylonia.
  • The Parthians move into Drangiana.
  • The Achaeans move into Sparta.

Winter 146
Not a lot happens as the various powers tax the peasantry as usual.

Spring 145
  • The cruel Roman siege of Numantia continues
  • The Romans extend their iron grip throughout the Epirus region in preparation for a move on Pella.
  • Babylon is annexed by the Ptolemaic Empire.
  • The Parthians annexe Drangiana.
  • The Achaeans annexe Attica.

Summer 145
  • Numantia falls to the might of Rome.
  • The Romans advance on Pella.
  • The Ptolemies advance into Characene.
  • Taking advantage of the sudden collapse of Macedonian power, the Ptolemaic army in Asia Minor moves into Pamphylia.
  • The Parthians swarm into Paropamisadae.
  • The Achaeans annexe Attica.

Autumn 145
  • Pella surrenders and the great Macedonian Empire is finally dismembered.
  • The Ptolemies annexe Characene and Pamphylia.
  • The Parthians annexe Paropamisadae.
  • The Achaeans advance into Thessalia

Winter 145
  • Claiming hereditary rights to the lands of the Old Persian Empire as the last successors to Alexander, the Ptolemies declare war on Parthia.  The latter whip up popular support against the aggressors by claiming to be the heirs to the Achaemenids.
  • The Romans order the Achaeans to vacate Thessalia.  Incensed by this high-handed provocation, the Achaeans declare war on Rome.
  • Various independent minor states emerge with the demise of Macedonia, namely the Thracians, Galatians and Pergamenes.

Spring 144
  • The Romans advance from Numantia into Carpetania, trying to force the remaining Iberian tribes into battle.  Led by a cunning guerilla leader named Viriathus, the Lusitani in particular frustrate Roman efforts.
  • The Romans in Macedon attack the forces of the Achaean League in Thessalia.

Next up on the tabletop, then, will be the Romans against the Greeks.  We will have to come up with a hypothetical late Hellenistic Greek army.  Probably something like a reasonable amount of okay light and medium or heavy horse; loads of thureophoroi medium foot and light infantry; and some skirmishers.  The value of the Greek army is actually slightly higher than that of Rome.  Even if Rome wins, they will probably need reinforcements from home to finish off the League.  More exciting times in Greece, then...

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