Monday 29 September 2014

Legio Septembris

Also known as the legion I've finished just before the end of September:
Rank and file by Companion Miniatures, with some officers thrown in randomly from other manufacturers. Shield designs by Little Big Men for 1st Corps, cut and shaped to fit a bit.
Now that summer is mostly over, it's been time to get back to painting. The intention is to paint a legion a month for the next three months.  That should give me enough Marian types for one army in our campaign.
These are the guys who will face the Germans and Mithridates. I'll need to paint up more legions, probably with white shields, to be the opposition in the Social War and the various subsequent civil wars.
The fourth photo shows them on parade with the previous legion I finished. I'm trying to mix and match the legates from every make I can find, to give a bit of variation.
A quick overhead shot.
Here they are from the back, the general's viewpoint. I hope you can make out the different shades on the cloaks of the legionaries - I wanted one to be a darker colour than the other so that gamers can tell the difference between the two.
Here's a closer view, with the guys just finished in the darker cloaks to the right as you look at it.

The total for 2014 now stands at 456 foot, 107 mounted and seven elephants completed. It turns out that I won't be needing to paint some Indian infantry for Hydaspes after all - Simon has already bought enough to finish the Indian army, and has painted half of them already. I will, though, take a break at one point to finish my North African army - Jugurtha will be appearing in the campaign soon-ish...


  1. What a striking sea of red! Nice work on this legion and your painting production for 2014 is very good. Keep it up!

  2. Impressive legions, the Companion Miniatures range is still hard to beat for the Late Republic.

  3. Well done they look ready to march to victory!


    1. Very impressive as always. I have now finished painting my second legion. I have 9 bases to decorate. That will give us four legions plus any from the earlier legions that can be pressed into service. Although my lads may feel a bit inadequate next to yours!

    2. Cheers, Graham, almost enough for a civil war...

  4. Really impressive - both quality and huge quantity!

  5. If anyone is duplicitous enough to field German allies we could have one now!