Thursday 23 October 2014

Campaign Events, 133-129 BC(E)

Here we go:
Autumn 133
  • Roman reinforcements are sent marching overland from Illyria to Macedonia, en route to the new province of Asia.
  • The Sicilian Slave Revolt is finally put down.
  • The Parthians march from the Bactrian border to make a surprise invasion of Babylonia; the Ptolemaic defenders retire in haste to Palmyra.
Spring 132
  • The Roman reinforcements arrive in Asia.
  • The Parthians incorporate Babylonia.
Summer 132
  • Pergamum formally capitulates before the legions of Rome; tax farmers move in en masse.
  • The Parthians move into Assyria.
Autumn 132
  • The Romans continue to mop up chunks of Asia Minor by marching into Phrygia.
  • The Parthians take Assyria unopposed.
Spring 131
  • Rome annexes Phrygia.
  • The Egyptians reinforce Palmyra.
  • The Parthians raid Syria; anarchy ensues northwards as various petty kingdoms emerge to the east of Galatia.
Summer 131
  • The Romans march into Lydia.
  • The Parthians return with treasure to Assyria.
Autumn 131
  • Lydia falls to Rome.
  • The Parthians move into Adiabene.
Spring 130
  • The Romans go beyond the boundaries of the Pergamene Bequest into Caria.
  • The Indians send reinforcements northwards.
  • Adiabene is annexed by the growing Parthian Empire.
Summer 130
  • Caria annexed by Rome.
  • The Parthians move into Sophene.
Autumn 130
  • The Romans march into Pamphylia.
  • Sophene annexed by Parthia.
Spring 129
  • Pamphylia is now Roman.
  • The Parthians attack Palmyra.
So that's it; a period of relative peace as the Romans and Parthians mop up a large number of minor territories between them, and everyone else builds up their forces. The next battle sees a large Ptolemaic army facing off against the might of Parthia.

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