Saturday, 28 February 2015

Art de la Guerre

These rules are making some inroads, and Willy brought them over for a try out here at our place. He ran the Later Macedonians while I had their erstwhile Roman opponents. We did a few things wrong, as always happens with a new set of rules, but by and large I got a feel for them. Willy has played them more than I have, and he likes them. Anyway:
The Macedonian right, as seen from my perspective: some Thracians and a large phalanx.
Their centre: a couple of units of Foot Guards plus some Cretan Archers.
Cavalry on their right.
Cavalry on my left.
Legions in the centre.
Triarii brigaded together at my right.
A side table shot of the whole field, taken from off to my right. You can clearly see that the armies are offset.
Closing at my left...
...and in the centre.
My right. The Triarii are there to protect the flank of the central legionary mass.
The whole field at this point.
I try to get clever on my left to try to slow down the enemy here.
At my centre right, I use numerical advantage to try to swamp the foot guards.
Infantry slog.

Ultimately, Willy won, although only just, because he managed to swing some phalanx around before I could the same to him with legionaries. His foot guards were annihilated, though.

Overall, I quite liked it, but I can see where it is coming from. Willy used a common enough tournament game technique with his offset deployment, while I opted for a more traditional central set up because I didn't know what else to do. It played kind of like a compromise between Field of Glory and Armati. I have only played them once before, and it would be interesting to see how they play out again. I don't see me being wooed away from Tactica, though...


  1. ADLG seem like a good set of rules. I am leaning more to it as a bigger scale game than DBA (which I love).

    Btw, did you guys play with double sized units?

  2. Hi Kurtus, thanks for looking - we did indeed play with double-sized units. Frontages were standards, but we went for double the depth to give the impression of mass...