Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Cimbri have arrived

Yesterday evening saw the arrival of the Germans in the High Alps, in the year 113 BC. Due to unforeseen circumstances, though, two of our regulars couldn't arrive, along with most of the German figures, so we made do with half-sized units plus whatever else I had managed to stick in a tub - no photos. The result, though, was historically accurate: the Germans had a good time happily crushing legionaries. The Cimbri, though, don't seem to feel the need to capitalise on their victory by marching in the direction of Rome, and have instead gone off on some more wanderings. This will bring them into contact with the Scordisci, who have also recently been fighting Romans.

All of which means that our next game will be Warbands against Warbands, a proper scrum for the first time. We have seen armies composed of warbands fighting other armies that have some of their own (e.g. Gauls against Carthaginians), but nothing like this. It should be a fun ride...

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