Wednesday 26 August 2009

Armenians against Pontics

Last night was Armenians against Early Pontics. Simon chose and deployed the Pontic army (in red, above). Their right wing (William) was a mixture of cavalry types: T1 and T2 each 8 Tarentine light horse in two ranks; S1 8 Skythian horse archers in 2 ranks; and HC1 and HC2 each 12 Heavy Cavalry in two ranks. Their centre (David and Paul) was an interspersed mix: P1 and P2 12 Peltasts each, in two ranks; G1 and G2 each 36 Galatian Warbands in six ranks: B Brazen Shields Phalanx in four ranks of twelve; Ch1 and Ch2 2 Scythed Chariots each, followed by CAT x2, units of twelve Cataphracts in 2 ranks. Their left (Billy) was composed of Th, eighteen Thureophoroi in two ranks; HC 3 and HC 4 each twelve Heavy Cavalry in two ranks; T3, a unit of eight tarentines in two ranks; and S2 and S3, each eight Skythian horse archers in two ranks.
I chose and deployed the Armenian army, in blue above. The left wing (Willy) was CAT1, a unit of eighteen Cataphracts in two ranks, and H1 and H2, two twelve-figure light infantry units in two ranks. The centre (Gordon) was five Warbands of Iberian infantry, each of 36 figures in three ranks. The right (Finn), was two more units each of eighteen Cataphracts in two ranks, and two units of twelve Armenian horse archers in three ranks. Unlike the Pontic army, the Armenians had a large number of skirmishers spread across the front of the army. Because of the number of players, and Finn joining in, after set-up I bowed out, which was a nice change. I actually got to speak to folks for a change.
The Pontics won quite easily. The strong Armenian right wing failed to break its opponents, while the left was swamped by the large numbers of Pontic cavalry. In the centre, the Iberian warbands failed to destroy the Scythed Chariots on contact, meaning that the Armenian centre was mostly stationary (little impetus) when the Brazen Shields and Galatians went in, followed by the Cataphracts. The Armenian centre simply crumpled.
The plan above is my first attempt at a full battle deployment showing both sides in one image; I'm feeling a little more comfortable with Battle Chronicler.

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