Saturday, 1 August 2009

On the painting tray for August

In July I managed to finish two units of 12 velites; 14 foot and three mounted casualty figures for Callinicum; 5 Garrison hoplites; and a bit of rebasing for my 15mm Russian Napoleonics. I reckon this is pretty much equivalent to 50 25mm foot figures. This was something of an experiment for me, since I've never really kept an exact tally before. I needed to know if my project to paint four legions for Zama is realistic. I reckon that on this form it will take me two months to paint a legion, and there are nine months to go. Which means that it's feasible. On the tray now are another 15 Garrison hoplites and the first legion. Let's see how many of those I get through this month...

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