Sunday 2 August 2009

Callinicum at Claymore

Yesterday we took the scaled down version of Callinicum to Claymore, along with the home painted battlemat. We played two good games with plenty of time to spare, both sides winning one. In the first game, it came down to a giant heavy cavalry melee across the centre, which the Romans won by a single unit. It could have gone either way. In the second game, the Persians won by 24 figures; not so close, and in this game the Romans made the slight error of piecemeal commitment of the heavy cavalry, for which they were duly punished. This scenario is so tight that even a minor error can swing the balance. Which seems about right. There was quite a lot interest, embarrassingly enough a lot of it from gamers in other periods asking where we got the mat! Which is nice, though. Pictures to follow...

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