Sunday, 5 December 2010

Another Roman Command Base

This is the second of two cavalry generals' bases for my Republican Romans:
I've taken angled overhead shots this time so that you can see how the basing looks.

Ultimately I will have a load of cavalry, half in mostly red with red shields and half with more white on them.  These guys give me the command base for the second lot; I already have the red commanders.
Figures are by 1st Corps.  Shield transfer is by Little Big Men, from a recent release for Aventine commanders.  They don't do transfers for 1st Corps cavalry, but I find that those for Aventine fit well enough.


  1. They look well, were you get the base from ?

  2. I found the base in a bargain bin at a games show a couple of years ago. It's made from black plastic, so it must have been made by a company - no idea which one, though. I've also been using circular bases that a friend gave me from some fantasy cowboy game. I like this shape because it makes the commanders stand out on the battlefield.