Thursday 30 December 2010

Magnesia: Dramatis Personae (Romans)

Eumenes (figure by Essex) behind the cavalry on the right wing of the Roman army.  I used my Roman cavalry to represent standard heavies, as opposed to the Pergamene lancers (which are out of shot to the left).  The unit you can see on the left of the photo are old Minifigs Later Romans that were converted years ago by Gordon.  The central unit is my newly painted 1st Corps Republican Roman cavalry.  Off to the right you can see my old Essex Tarantines, doing duty as Pergamene light horse.  To the front left you can just about make out some Trallian slingers, deployed by Eumenes well in advance so as to take care of the Seleucid scythed chariots.
Legatus of the Dexter Latin legio in the midst of his command.
The Sinister Latin Legio with command base in the central foreground.
To give some variation, I used my circular bases of mounted command figures to represent the higher echelons.  This means that if there are enough players for the game, we could have not only commanders for the individual legions, but a general with oversight of a pair of legions.  This particular base represents Scipio Africanus, present at Magnesia to help out his younger brother.  Strangely enough, Hannibal was also at Magnesia, as a subsidiary adviser to Antiochus!
A Roman legionary commander, this time.  I painted my Romans with a lot of red; the Latins are in white.  This helps to differentiate them on the field.  I know that, technically, the lictor should have a red tunic as well, but I'm pretty sure that is the case for the lictors accompanying the Censor back in Rome.  I've used artistic license for the lictor of a legatus in the field - it's less boring after all those red tunics.

The Roman commanders were, in order from the left of their set up:

Sinister Latin Legio: Billy
Sinister Roman Legio: Michael
Dexter Roman Legio: Mark
Dexter Latin Legio: Dougie, in his first game
Eumenes: Simon

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