Sunday 5 December 2010

Very Large Sabot Bases

There is talk of the next big club game being Magnesia.  I already have most of the figures for this, and others can also contribute.  The one thing that is missing, though, is the Seleucid contingent of ten scythed chariot models.  I have four old Essex ones that are fine, but there isn't the time for me to buy and paint another half a dozen.  Also, I'm loath to do so because this would be expensive, and I can't think of any other occasion I'd ever field that many.  So I made some large sabot bases:
Thet are 12cm wide by 8cm deep.  This is the frontage of two chariot models, and is the correct depth.  The idea is that a chariot (or elephant for other games) can sit in the middle and do double duty.
Above is an angled shot.  I just glued on some old bit of board to try to keep the channels smooth and larded on my usual basing mix.  The result looks like this:
And this:

They aren't perfect, and you can still see the joins, but they'll do nicely enough at tabletop distance.  If I can be bothered, I'll disguise the joins on the day with some extra flock.


  1. the red earth looks really Mediterranean and the chariot looks nice
    I would not want to fight against it

  2. Thanks - I use plastic wood with some extra drybrushing, flock and odds and ends. I want my armies to be based the same if I can manage it - that way, they look like they are from the same force.

    Cheers again