Wednesday 18 December 2013

Triumphant Celtiberians

A single shot of the aftermath of yesterday evening's game:
The light in the evenings isn't good enough for photos, but I left the figures on the field at the point of Celtiberian success.  The gap in front of them was occupied by Socii legions before they had a catastrophic morale collapse.   Just wanted to record the moment before Rome sends in another army...


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    1. Hi Cyrus, it has to be said that they really do fight well. Normally my newly painted units run away...

  2. Nice looking troops.Is a battle report coming?

    1. Hi Mitch, I've been thinking about that - the problem is that I have no useable photos due to the lighting. I could make one up with maps from Battle Chronicler, though. I'd like to do this, because even though the Spanish gave Rome a real headache for hundreds of years, you don't see them on the tabletop or in battle reports very often. I'll need to finish a stack of marking first, though!

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    1. Thanks, Engel, it really is a shame these figures are not made any more.