Friday 25 April 2014

Campaign Events: Spring 148 onwards

After the bloody stalemate at Carthage, I rolled for a whole series of campaign events.  This turned into a list of army movements and lots of regrouping by all of the major powers, without a single battle for a considerable period.  Events as follows:

Spring 148 BCE

  • The Romans under Scipio Aemilianus march from Iberia into North Africa
  • The Romans invade Epirus from Calabria and the Macedonians there retire to Pella
  • The Parthians move into Media
  • The Ptolemies annexe Libya

Summer 148 BCE

  •  Parthia annexes Media
  • The Macedonians recall their army from Asia Minor to regroup at Pella against the threat from the west
  • Meanwhile, the Romans consolidate their control over Epirus
  • The Ptolemies advance into Oasis Magna from Libya
  • Scipio Aemilianus arrives in the vicinity of Carthage and is joined by the other Roman forces to the south of the city.  The Carthaginians are no match for the sheer size of this combined army, and retire into the city proper.

Autumn 148 BCE

  •  The Romans invest Carthage, and Scipio decides to rest for the winter and let the season take its toll
  • The Ptolemies annexe the area round the Great Oasis
  • The Parthians move into Elymais
  • The Macedonians advance a full army from Pella into Epirus, and the Romans promptly retire back to Calabria

Winter 148 BCE

The various armies all go into winter quarters, and taxes are gathered.  

Spring 147 BCE

  • The Macedonians reconsolidate their hold over Epirus
  • Reinforcements arrive from Rome in Calabria to take the army there back up to full strength
  • Scipio maintains his deathgrip on Carthage
  • The Ptolemies decide to try to take advantage of the Macedonian struggle against Rome, and begin a long march to the northern front by moving from Oasis Magna to the Sinai.  They still have a reasonable contingent further forward, an army that was defeated by the Macedonians several years ago and which is slowly recovering its strength
  • The Parthians continue to mop up the power vacuum left by the demise of the Seleucid Empire by annexing Elymais

Summer 147 BCE

  • The Parthians move into Persis
  • The Romans in Calabria cross the Adriatic for the second time to challenge the Macedonian army in Epirus.  
This will be the next battle we play, and it will be interesting to see if the Romans manage to do any better than the last time.  In Africa, Scipio is about to finish off Carthage once and for all.


  1. Interesting movements will see how the next battle pans out with interest.

  2. Good to hear from you! The way things are going, it looks as though history will broadly replay itself with some interesting variations. The Romans usually lose the initial battles in any campaign, and then their manpower and sheer determination wins them the war...

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)