Saturday 5 April 2014

Companion Miniatures Numidian Skirmishers

There are 32 of these particular guys, and they have my first attempt at hide shields in a very long time.
I hope you can see them a little more closely in this photo.
The colour scheme is intended to fit in with the large units of spearmen I painted last month: browns and some black for hair, and off-whites, browns and greens for clothing.
A top-down shot of the lot of them.
I've also just finished 16 archers.
I tried to vary strap colours, quivers and fletching on these guys, while on the slingers I used different colours for the slings themselves too.
Top-down shot of the archers.
I also made up three casualty bases to go with my spearmen.  These are plastics by Wargames Factory.  This little lot takes my ongoing tally for 2014 to 211 foot and 44 cavalry.  Next up: 60 Light Cavalry to go with this lot, by Navigator Miniatures this time.


  1. Marvellous painting Paul, they look fantastic!

  2. Beautiful units, a great work!

  3. Thanks for looking guys, and for the kind and supportive comments. I must admit that the Numidians are a bit of a departure for me - I've been wanting to try something a bit different from just the usual off-whites for tunic colours. Ultimately I would like to try something similar with an Early German army, but that is some way off...

  4. Awesome collection - and backdrops too.