Thursday, 17 September 2009

Deployment Plan for Zama

This is (hopefully) the deployment plan we will use for Zama: Romans in red and Carthaginian army in dark blue. The legionaries are in spaced columns with velites out front to take care of the elephants. The Roman left is a load of mediocre cavalry; the right is covered by Numidian light horse with skirmishers in support. The Carthaginians have elephants, followed by three lines of foot: Ligurians and Spanish with Numidian and Balearic skirmishers; Carthaginian levy; and at the very rear, the veterans from Hannibal's campaigns in Italy. Their right flank is comprised of a smaller number of cavalry than the Romans, albeit of better quality; and their left is a smaller number of Numidians, again of better quality than those facing them on the Roman side. The main reason for making the Carthaginian cavalry better is to give it as good a chance of lasting as long as we can - we don't want the cavalry melee to be over too quickly. Also, cavalry of lesser quality is more likely to go chasing off after routed units under Tactica II, which seems to be what happened on the Roman left. Once we kick around scenario-specific rules a bit more, I'll post those as well.

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